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Preserving Clients’ Rights In Wrongful Dismissal Claims

Being terminated means you are looking down the long road of having to find another job in a difficult economy. If your employer fails to give you notice or pay an adequate severance, you may have a wrongful dismissal claim. Your employer will want you to sign away your rights but don’t sign anything without talking to one of our lawyers.

At Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP, we will discuss the details of your situation with you to determine if you have a wrongful dismissal claim. Once determined, we will move ahead and speedily start a case for your right to compensation.

We Ensure That You Are Properly Compensated

Did your employer:

  • Terminate you without giving you proper notice?
  • Fail to pay you proper compensation?
  • Terminate you while you were on maternity leave?
  • Constructively dismiss you?
  • Terminate you while you were on disability leave?
  • Terminate you after you came back from disability leave?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you may have a claim for wrongful dismissal, and we will vigorously pursue a claim for fair compensation. We will personally oversee every aspect of your dismissal claim to ensure that your case resolves quickly.

We Are Fully Equipped To Deal With Your Claim

Our lawyers have years of employment law experience and have handled many wrongful dismissal claims for clients in Mississauga and elsewhere. We will investigate and analyze every issue that led to your dismissal. Our lawyers ensure that clients get fair treatment from former employers.

If you have been terminated while on long-term disability or shortly after returning from disability leave, we can help you. Our office is experienced in dealing with cases that intersect between employment law and disability matters and can give you full-service representation.

Don’t Wait To Start Your Case

If you have been terminated and believe the termination is not valid, contact us at 877-394-0741 to assess your case. You can also use our online form to reach us.

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