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Extensive Experience In Long Term Disability Claims

If you have suffered an illness or injury which prevents you from being able to work, you may be able to apply for disability benefits from your long term disability insurer. If your benefits have been denied, you need a lawyer to pursue your long term disability claim.

The lawyers at Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP are highly experienced in handling disability claims and vigorously advocate for both long- and short-term disability benefits for our clients.

If Your LTD Benefits Have Been Cut Off, We Can Help You

Our Mississauga area lawyers have intimate knowledge of disability law and insurance matters and can personally advise you about every aspect of your claim. Despite having perfectly legitimate disability claims, some claimants are denied benefits. We know how to fight for your entitlement and can skillfully advocate to have your benefits established or re-established.

We are experienced employment lawyers as well, and can handle a claim where you have been dismissed by your employer while on a disability leave.

Disability claims are complex matters and you may have questions about the process such as:

Have more questions? See our Disability Insurance FAQs.

Apply For LTD Benefits Even If Your Short-Term Benefits Have Been Cut Off

Individuals sometimes mistakenly believe that if an insurer has cut off their short-term disability claim earlier than the cut-off date, they will not be able to make a LTD claim.

At times, an insurer will cut off long- or short-term benefits early for no particular reason. We are well-experienced with these types of situations and will advocate for you to not only have your benefits reinstated, but for repayment of arrears.

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