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Defending Employment Rights In The Mississauga Area

Problems at work can manifest themselves in many ways. Whether you are facing a poisoned work environment, harassment or termination, you need legal advice from a trusted source.

Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP is that source for Mississauga and surrounding communities. Due to our intimate knowledge of the local community, we are strong advocates when one of our community members has employment law issues.

We Provide Personalized Service To Our Local Community

Our lawyers are accessible. When you have a problem and need an answer, you can call or email us and we will respond personally. We are here to help you deal with your pressing employment law problem.

We will take care of you from the moment your case is with us and provide the customized services and guidance you require to navigate through your case.

We handle:

Read our FAQs about wrongful dismissal.

Going Beyond Employment Law To Service Your Legal Matters

Employment problems can result in you being overstressed and overworked and unable to continue work. If that occurs, you may have no choice but to go on short-term or long-term disability.

Our lawyers specialize in providing help with multiple problems, even if they are in different areas. We can help you with issues concerning a disability claim, from initial filing to appeals, if your claim is rejected.

Don’t Wait To Get Help With Your Employment Problem

We are ready to provide you with advice on your employment matter. Consult with us by calling 877-394-0741 or use our online contact form to reach us.

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