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Can My LTD Benefits Be Cut After Two Years?

When individuals file long-term disability (LTD) claims, they usually have to prove to the insurance company that they are “totally disabled” from doing the essential tasks of their own job. Once those benefits are approved, under many LTD insurance policies, you are usually able to receive benefits for up to two years. The insurance company can re-examine eligibility for those benefits. But often eligibility for benefits changes after two years, and your benefits can be cut off if you can work in another occupation.

Why Was I Cut Off After Two Years?

After two years, in most LTD policies, the definition of total disability changes to whether you are unable to perform the duties of any occupation you are suited for. The insurer will re-evaluate your claim based on any occupation definition of total disability and often they cut off your benefits at that point.

Many people mistakenly think that they have no further claim for benefits when this happens. However, if you are not capable of being gainfully employed in any job, you may qualify for continued disability benefits. You should always consult a lawyer to find out if you can continue to qualify for disability benefits.

We Can Help Assess Your Claim For Ongoing LTD Benefits

Our experienced Mississauga lawyers can sit down with you and go over your claim. We will thoroughly analyze your case to determine whether the insurance company was justified in cutting off your LTD benefits.

If the insurance company was not justified in its decision, we will strongly advocate your case for re-instating your LTD benefits.

Consult With Us If Your LTD Benefits Have Been Cut Off

If your insurer has cut off your benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your benefit entitlement. Call us at 877-394-0741 or email us to assess your claim.

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