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Wrongful Dismissal FAQs

Q: I am not happy with the severance/ termination package offered by my employer. What should I do?

A: If you feel that the package offered is not adequate, do not sign the agreement. Once you sign the offer, there is no going back! Seek the advise of a lawyer to find out what your entitlements are before you agree to anything. Call us today for a free consultation and get us working for you at 877-394-0741 or email.

Q: My employer has terminated me and provided me with a termination agreement. They have asked me to sign it as soon as possible and return it in order to get the payments offered. What should I do?

A: Proceed with Caution! Almost always employees are given agreements to sign with a deadline attached. However, once the agreements are signed there is no going back so make sure you fully understand the agreement BEFORE you sign it. Sometimes employers even try and pressure employees into signing binding agreements before they have time to fully read and understand it. Call us to arrange a free consultation to get informed before you sign anything.

Q: I have been a loyal and high performing employee for my company for 20 years. Why am I being so badly treated now that I am being terminated?

A: The bottom line is king so they say. Employers are primarily interested in saving money and that often means paying out the least amount of severance, termination, benefits etc., that they can get away with rather than what is fair and reasonable. We have seen many employers who attempt to pay out the least amount possible to terminated employees. This is done as a cost saving measure on that employee and all other employees being terminated. More and more often, employees are forced to fight for what is rightfully theirs and hire lawyers to advocate for their legal entitlements.

Q: Will I have to go to court to get my employer to treat me fairly?

A: Most of the time, no. More than 95% of all wrongful dismissal cases settle in some fashion before going to trial. What you will need to do is be prepared to invest time and effort with the help of your lawyer to make your employer take you seriously.

Q: My employer is really making things difficult for me, what should I do? I just want to quit!

A: DON’T QUIT! If you quit, your employer is often not obligated to pay you any severance, termination pay or other benefits no matter how long you have worked for them. If you feel you are not being treated fairly, keep a diary of what is going on at work and contact a lawyer. It very well may be that they are trying to get you to quit by making your life at work miserable so they don’t have to pay you a dime.

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