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The Importance Of Having Your Severance Package Reviewed

Employers will most often provide employees with a severance package when they are terminated. Employees can accept packages without legal advice, but that can turn out to be a costly mistake because some employers offer a less than reasonable deal. If you accept the employer’s package – you cannot change your mind.

At Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP, we strongly encourage clients to get their severance packages reviewed with a lawyer to ensure that they’re getting a fair deal from their employer.

Is My Severance Package Reasonable?

Factors that go into whether a severance package is reasonable or not include:

  • The length of employment
  • The age of the employee
  • Your job title and function
  • Whether you can find a similar job

Whether your severance package is reasonable or not depends on these factors — how long your employer wants to pay you, whether it is by salary continuance or lump sum, and are they continuing benefits coverages. Accepting a severance package without legal advice could lead to you ending up with less than you deserve.

We Know What Is At Stake For You

Being given a severance package does not mean that the offer is fair or reasonable. It also does not mean you have to accept the first offer. If you accept the offer without legal advice, you risk walking away with less money and benefits that you’ll need while you are unemployed. Our knowledge and experience in dealing with severance packages will prevent that from occurring.

We Work To Get You A Fair Deal

Our experienced Mississauga employment lawyers understand what constitutes a reasonable severance package. They are able to assess, based on thorough analysis, whether you are getting a fair deal.

If we feel you’re being shortchanged, we will go back to the employer and negotiate an improved package that is fair and reasonable.

Let Us Review Your Severance Package

You should contact a lawyer to review a severance package before you sign anything. Call us at 877-394-0741 or use our online form to get in touch with us.

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