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Supporting Victims Of Harassment And Discrimination

The last place in which individuals want to face bullying, harassment and discrimination is at work. When you are the target of such behaviour, you often don’t know where to turn for help.

Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP is here to guide you. If you are experiencing harassment or discrimination at work, or you have been terminated after being a victim, we will support you and advocate on your behalf.

We Serve Our Community Members With Compassion And Care

When you choose our experienced Mississauga lawyers to represent you, rest assured that they will handle your case from beginning to end. Our primary focus in client service is to offer high-quality service to the people in our community.

We will handle your case with compassion and care. We are here to look after and assist you. We will strive to get you a satisfactory resolution to your claim by:

  • Sitting down with you and discussing your case
  • Listening to your concerns
  • Thoroughly analyzing your case
  • Keeping you updated about the progress of your case
  • Attempting to settle your case at the earliest opportunity

We Offer A Multidisciplinary Approach To Our Practice

Individuals who are bullied or harassed at work sometimes experience adverse reactions to being victimized. The stress and pressure can force them to have to go on sick leave and file a short- or long-term disability claim. Sometimes these claims are denied.

Our lawyers can come to your aid in all these situations, whether employment-related only or a disability claim is involved. Our law office focuses on the intersection between employment law and disability issues and is able to deal with your entire case.

Let Us Help You With Your Harassment And Discrimination Claim

We offer guidance and support through these types of claims. Call us today at 877-394-0741 or email us.

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