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Safeguarding Clients’ Needs In Constructive Dismissal Claims

Sometimes employees are pushed out by their employers through tactics that change the employment relationship. These tactics often give employees little other choice than to leave their employment, which causes financial hardship, as well as stress. The latter can result in physical or psychological distress.

Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP understands your anxiety if you have faced constructive dismissal, and we will look out for your well-being as well as your financial needs.

We Demand Fair Treatment For Our Local Clients

Many situations can give rise to a constructive dismissal. Did your employer:

  • Demote you?
  • Reduce your pay?
  • Change your job responsibilities?
  • Transfer you to a different location?

If your employer changed your employment relationship without your agreement, a claim for constructive dismissal may arise.

We focus on helping clients in the Mississauga community get fair treatment from their former employers. We hold employers accountable and advocate for compensation on our clients’ behalf.

We Protect You Throughout The Process

We can help you dispute the circumstances of your termination and obtain the compensation you deserve. If the circumstances of your dismissal caused you anxiety and lead to a disability claim, we are here to guide you through that process as well. Our lawyers offer services for both employment law and disability claims.

Our experienced Mississauga lawyers ensure that you will be protected and treated equitably during the constructive dismissal claims process. We will personally oversee the details of your case and are accessible by phone and email.

Let Us Evaluate Your Case

Book an appointment with us and let us analyze your constructive dismissal case. Contact us through our online form or call 877-394-0741.

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