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Mississauga Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers

Employment Lawyers Work Hard to Protect Your Rights

Were you subject to wrongful dismissal — dismissed from your job without reasonable notice?

Were you left without the severance package you deserve?

Were you released while you struggled with a disability?

At the law offices of Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP, we seek fair treatment for employees in Mississauga, Brampton and the neighbouring areas. We strive to make sure you receive the post-employment financial assistance you deserve for your hard work and loyalty.

Serving Clients in and Around Mississauga

Ontario employers are legally responsible for payments of statutory notice and severance to workers terminated without cause, with the amount of pay depending on your years of service and size of your employer. In addition to your statutory entitlements, you may be entitled to additional notice pay under the common law. Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP holds employers and business owners to every legal obligation.

Meanwhile, we arm you with the facts you need and available options you should know about. We fully, clearly explain terms such as wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal (pay reduction, demotion, change in job responsibilities, geographical transfer). We address your concerns, large and small. We answer your questions thoroughly and honestly.

If you were the victim of wrongful dismissal, you could use our expertise, individual service and big firm experience to your advantage. Contact us at this toll-free phone number: 877-394-0741. You can also e-mail us at Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP — Mississauga's employment law and personal injury law firm.

Constructive Dismissal? Wrongful Dismissal? We Can Help.

In the wake of your wrongful dismissal, you may qualify for financial damages if your employer:

  • Failed to provide reasonable notice of your termination
  • Failed to pay you your statutory entitlements
  • Constructively dismissed your employment
  • Fired you while on disability leave
  • Fired you while on maternity leave
  • Failed to accommodate a return to work after a disability leave

We want to level the playing field that employers use to take advantage of employees they wrongfully dismiss. For the economic justice you deserve as you seek another job, contact Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP. Our lawyers have more than 35 years of combined experience with employment law cases that can help you.

Contact Our Mississauga Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers, Toll Free

877-394-0741 is the number to call from wherever you are in Ontario. We can accommodate your need for an evening appointment.

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