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Mississauga Employment Lawyers

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If you have an employment law problem at your workplace in Mississauga or any surrounding community, we work hard to find solutions — at Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP.

Many employers are primarily interested in saving money, which often means paying out the least amount of severance, termination or benefits possible, rather than what is fair and reasonable.

At Pereira Walter Lawyers, our experienced co-founders Carlos Pereira and Michael Walter often see many employers attempting to pay out the least amount possible, or worse, to terminated employees — or persuading new employees to enter into a binding contract that is not in their best interests.

Meanwhile, employees feel hesitant to seek more money or benefits because they don't want to "cause trouble" or seem "ungrateful." Particularly in the time following a termination or downsizing, it can be difficult to negotiate for yourself and your family's future.

We understand your concerns. We work with you to maintain a professional relationship with your employer while getting the best possible result for you. We believe individuals deserve to be compensated fairly.

Call Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP at 877-394-0741, toll free. Your initial consultation is free of charge. If your busy schedule limits you to an evening appointment, we can provide it.

Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP — Employment Law Practice Areas

Our law firm's signature individual service and big firm experience can help you in employment law practice areas such as:

  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Severance agreements
  • Severance package review
  • Termination
  • Employment agreement contract review

In our uncertain national and world economy, the unexpected news of a job loss in a family could have serious consequences. Upon termination, you deserve to be compensated fairly. Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP work hard to make sure you get what you deserve. We work hard to see to it that your rights under the common law, Employment Standards Act or Canada Labour Code are upheld and we do all that we can to assure your peace of mind throughout the legal process. Job loss can be very stressful but with the right help and expert advice, it doesn't have to be. Your peace of mind is what we do at Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP, Mississauga's employment law and personal injury law firm.

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