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Mississauga Brain Injury Lawyers

Closed-Head Trauma Lawyers Representing Clients in Mississauga and the Surrounding Areas

Have you or a loved one sustained a serious closed-head or traumatic brain injury (TBI) in an accident caused by someone else?

Our Mississauga brain injury lawyers can help. We are Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP — highly skilled, caring legal professionals who specialize in accident personal injury cases and the needs of victims of accidents caused by negligence.

We protect your rights, your health, your family and your future. Your peace of mind is what we do.

Your closed-head injury or post-concussion syndrome may have been suffered in a rear-end collision or an auto accident on a highway. You may have struck your head on a curb or pavement in a motorcycle accident or been a pedestrian struck by a car No matter how you were injured, you deserve the maximum financial compensation that experienced injury lawyers like ours can obtain for you. The party who is at fault, and his or her insurer, can provide compensation for your injury.

Carlos Pereira and Michael Walter founded our full-service personal injury law offices to help people just like you. Their 30-plus years of collective experience and recognized reputation for results can work in your favour, starting today.

Your initial consultation is free of charge, and can be arranged by calling our toll-free phone number : 877-394-0741.

Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP — Mississauga's Personal Injury Law Firm

A closed-head injury, brain injury or traumatic brain injury can be present without loss of consciousness, violent impact or trauma — and could begin with a simple concussion suffered in the following accidents:

Signs of brain damage from an accident injury can include any combination of problems with memory, headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, mood changes, depression, anxiety, fatigue and sleep difficulties.

For honest, accurate answers to your questions about closed-head injury or the compensation or long term disability benefits you may be entitled to, come to Mississauga's home for individual service and big firm experience in personal injury representation: Pereira Walter Lawyers LLP.

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The contingency fee basis for our work means that you owe no fees until your case is settled.

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